Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Last night my wonderful boyfriend Brian came over and got me to clean my room some more. I really needed his help because I had reached a point where I threw away the most obviously unnecessary items, but a large pile of old toys had settled in the middle of my room and refused to budge. I sifted through them again and finally mustered up the strength to say goodbye to my McDonald's toys, Sailor Moon cards, and other dusty friends. By the end of the night we had filled a box to the brim with trinkets. And I must say, I won't be missing any of it. I can't even remember half of what went in to that box!

The next step after throwing everything out: packing everything up so I can scrape off the popcorn ceiling...and it will happen sooner than I had thought. Brian suggested working on one part of the room at a time, so that means we just have to move everything to one side of the room (or "staging area") and then scrape and paint the other side. My original plan was to haul everything out and work on a completely empty room, but Brian's plan is much less daunting.

Here are some "before" pictures--I took them a couple weeks ago:

My room looks a lot better than this right now, really! I've gotten rid of several pieces of furniture (thank you Craigslist) and a lot of the clutter is gone. One more round of tossing stuff out and I think it will be on to the ceiling and walls!

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