Saturday, May 15, 2010


After living out of boxes for two months, I got worked up enough to work on my room again. Next up was priming my hall and closets, which I completed (with the help of my mom) earlier this week.

Today after work, I met up with Brian on the shore in Hercules to watch him fish. He just bought a new saltwater fishing rod and is determined to catch a fish. This being his second time out, he has yet to reel one in, but he came close; all he got was the fish's lower lip... :/

I was feeling rather lazy after sitting out in the sun for so long, just...sitting...watching Brian cast...again...and to shake it off, I went home, grabbed my roller, and began painting! FINALLY! Some color on my walls! The back walls of my two closets are now Seafoam Pearl, a light greenish blue, and the walls of my hall are Sparrow, a light grey. So far it looks great, and tomorrow will be the second coat.

I'm pushing really hard to finish my room, at least all the painting, by the end of next week. You see, my Mom is leaving for China on Sunday, and she'll be gone for almost three weeks. I want to surprise her by not only finishing my room, but also giving her spare room a nice pick-me-up. I want to remove the popcorn ceiling, replace it with a smooth one like mine, then paint it all a nice shade of red. She said wistfully the other day that she has no room that's truly hers, so I want to make this room her space. Hopefully having a hard deadline will make me work faster!

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